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With years of experience in transportation engineering, R&D in infrastructure, climate change, traffic operations and ITS we created this venture inspired by rapidly changing face of today's transport sector. ERICA- Engineering Research and Innovation ConsultAnts - We are committed to providing the necessary guidance and professional expertise in comprehensive project and program management, system engineering, conceptual and operational planning, procurement and many more.

Ewa Zofka, Ph.D. Candidate
Founder and Director

Ewa is the founder and director of our venture with more than 18 years of experience in the transportation industry and research and development. She started her career as as a civil engineering intern and become a senior project manger and coordinator. 


She is a civil engineer and economist with extensive experience in managing medium to large scale engineering projects in the USA and Europe. The specific aspects of her work include transport sustainability and noise mitigations, cross-modal transport research and analysis, safety and security, Intelligent Transport Systems and traffic, transport system conceptual analyses, needs assessments, technical requirements definition, cost estimations, project scheduling, procurement processes, systems operations, and project monitoring and controlling.

Our research experience also includes pavement and asset management, advanced materials characterization and modeling, advanced diagnostics, climate change modeling of surface infrastructure materials, recycling of various materials, development of recommendations for performance-based specification for asphalt binders, sustainable pavements, resilient and sustainable infrastructure and noise mitigation and modeling.

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