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Research and Development

We participated in many European, USA or national R&D Projects including H2020, NCHRP, CEDR, or NCBiR and RID. Some areas of expertise in these programs include: infrastructure, automation, noise mitigations, climate change, asset management, travel demand modeling and ITS. The results are amazing - get in touch if you want to learn more!

Strategic Planning and Concept of Operations

In a busy, unpredictable marketplace, long-term planning often seems impossible. Enter the Strategic Planning and Concept of Operations project or  Research Frameworks, one of our company’s flagship enterprises. In this project, we analyze current state of the art in the area in question and propose strategic planning and operating solution catered to our client’s needs. Want to hear how it’s done? Call us today.

Needs Assesments

Our clients often have great ideas about their projects or products, however they need more in depth analysis to check whether these ideas are feasible and fulfill the scope of work in question. We provide such analysis as well as proposals/tender preparation for R&D&I projects. Call us today if you want to hear more.

Implementation and Exploitation of Results

We make sure your project ideas get implemented throughout comprehensive Implementation and Exploitation Planing utilizing a great amount of professional contacts for institutions, enterprises and private business that we have been working with. 

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