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SiTe Automation Practical Learning project is a CEDR project. The aim is to provide a comprehensive review of technological and non-technological aspects of the most relevant connected and automated driving test sites in order to understand the impact of these sites on the NRA’s core business and functions.

National Traffic Management Centre (NTMS) 

Project conducted for National Roadway Administration in Poland (GDDKiA) to develop and implement National Traffic Management Centre on the Ten-T network. Involved as technical advisor on various task such as ITS architecture, technical provisions, procurement and contract oversight.

FOX and USE-iT

Both projects were meant to enable truly user-centric transport that offers integrated technology knowledge transfer for infrastructure and seamless flow of information across all modes according to individual user preferences with full transparency of its cost, performance and risk. USE-IT stands for Users, Safety, Security and Energy in Transport Infrastructure and FOX for Forever Open Infrastructure Across (X) all Transport Modes. 


The project addresses two topics: economic costs associated with integrating climate change into decision-making and embedding climate change into practice and procurement. DeTECToR developped two new sets of tools and guidance, the first to help NRAs integrate climate change adaptation into economic decision-making, and the second to help them to implement these decisions by embedding climate change mitigation and adaptation into their operations and procurement processes. 

Forever Open Road (FOR) 

This is a project initiative lead by FEHRL which focuses on innovations in multi-modal transport to provide such infrastructure performance that the road, water, rail and air way is always available for the users and performs at its highest level of service. There are three roadmaps developed within the program: resilient automated and adaptable. We are currently involved in updating the roadmaps within the FOR program and more specifically are leading Resilient Road element of the FOR Roadmap.

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